Overcome your fear
of public speaking
"One of the best gifts in life are the kind words sent to someone's heart, to be stored in the safety deposit box of the soul and to be revisited any time that person needs a smile or to know that they are loved."
                                             - Vince Lancella


Vince has been a friend and colleague in local Toastmaster Clubs, an organization whose mission is to develop leaders and communicators by providing an environment in which individuals can achieve personal and professional growth. Vince is a shining example.

Vince embodies all the characteristics of a leader, and selfless nature drives him to help others; let Vince put his years of experience and success to work for you, and he will become your inspiration to achieve.

Paul Calio
The Church Pension Group |The Church Pension Group
17 February 2016

Vince is a wonderful speaker. I have had the pleasure of hearing him speak at Smithtown Business and Professional Women's Network. Everyone loved his presentation. He speaks from the heart, grasps your attention and draws you into his world. He is warm, articulate, and humorous. The best of luck to you !

Michele Martin
Allstate |Agency Owner
14 May 2015

He will change the way you communicate with everybody you know. From speaking to your family to closing that life changing deal Vince will empower you in the most simplistic way how to become the best communicator you can be. DO NOT miss an opportunity to hear him speak. BIG MISTAKE.

Ken San Pedro
13 October 2014

Vince Lancella is an amazing speaker. He is always the person who knows what to say and is the one who speaks at funerals, weddings, etc. He has such a heart of gold and truly cares and takes pride in what he does. I am so delighted to see he is continuing to help others and do one of the many things he does best!

Christine August
9 September 2014

Vince's seminars are absolutely wonderful! He has the ability to teach people how to feel comfortable in their own skin and how to communicate with others in a natural way. His techniques can be used in both your personal life and to make your business interactions more effective, more natural and more profitable.

Elayne Morga
9 September 2014

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