Overcome your fear
of public speaking
"One of the best gifts in life are the kind words sent to someone's heart, to be stored in the safety deposit box of the soul and to be revisited any time that person needs a smile or to know that they are loved."
                                             - Vince Lancella



Just about anyone can speak, but ...

Vince Lancella shows people how to speak at a moment's notice, with little to no script, in front of any amount of people,  and to be comfortable with the process.  This is a valuable skill that can be used over and over again in personal or business situations.

"During my 30+ years as a business owner, as part of my business, I developed certain necessary skills to build and sustain the business.  Among them were developing an elevator speech, introducing myself and my business to new prospects, being able to close the sale and ask for a check, and handle customer services related issues along the way.

During that evolution, I also developed a skill set that enables me to "reach" people, to make them feel something - trust, excitement, respect and the feeling that they have been heard, that I understand their needs.  This skill set is often overlooked or underestimated in the business and it is these skills that have allowed me an edge over my competition, therefore developing loyal and recurring clients who not only come back for more services, but also refer others.  The secret ingredient that I now teach others is to understand the importance of as most making people (customers) feel special."

~ Vince Lancella



Vince Lancella

Vince is an award-winning speaker and strategic business owner.

vince lancella

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These are some of the organizations for which Vince has given presentations to date: